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Menu Touch of Spice- Eastleigh

Touch of Spice is the best Indian restaurant in town, as evidenced by its award-winning menu. The company started after founder Ravi Patel and his wife, Rupali, opened an Indian restaurant in Chicago's Near North neighborhood.

The company quickly grew from there; today, they serve over 50 dishes from countries worldwide, including India, China, Japan, and Indonesia. By focusing on only one or two items on their menu, they have grown their business while staying focused on what they are known for—their delicious dishes!

About Touch of Spice- Eastleigh

All of Touch of Spice's food is made with only ingredients that are extremely fresh and natural. They have a lot of emphasis on using high-quality spices and the freshest ingredients. They also use organic vegetables and meats for their menu, ensuring that the product you're receiving is safe to eat.

Touch of Spice boasts an extensive menu with everything from chicken tikka masala to lamb vindaloo. Each item is designed with the customer in mind, allowing them to decide what they want to eat next.

In addition to their extensive menu, they serve a wide variety of vegetarian options, including various soups, curries, and salads. The staff at Touch of Spice know how to make each dish taste great!

Restaurant location Touch of Spice- Eastleigh

Touch of Spice is an online Indian restaurant serving authentic Indian food. They offer full menu items, including vegetarian options. With online ordering, you can choose what you want to order and pay for when it arrives at the restaurant. You won't have to worry about running around town trying to figure out which menu item is available in your area. Just download our app online from the App Store or Google Play Store to place your order.

Alternatively, if you prefer to have your food delivered straight to your doorstep, Touch of Spice offers that option as well. In this case, the delivery person will pick up the food from the restaurant and bring it right home for you! The convenience of having everything delivered right to your front door with no waiting is a big benefit that many people love about online ordering.

If you are craving something new, stop by Touch of Spice at 172 Fair Oak Rd, Eastleigh SO50 8HA. We have a wide variety of Indian food to choose from, and they will not disappoint. You won't be able to resist their menu!

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